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simulation, strategy tropico, complete, collection, (xbox, one), nauji, žaidimai kalypso, media, pavasaris, vasara

Tropico 5 - Complete Collection (Xbox On...


You, as El Presidente, will first take control of the infamous island of Tropico during early colonial times and then guide it through the centuries as the world changes and moves ever forward. You must tackle the changing needs of your people, as w..

racing, simulation, sports isle, man:, ride, the, edge, (xbox, one), nauji, žaidimai big, ben

TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge (Xbox O...


The TT Isle of Man is a legend for every motor biker, a race that has left no room for error for more than 100 years, with riders hurtling at over 300 km/h on village roads and having to negotiate more than 200 curves in 60km. The game is an exact r..

fighting, sports, ufc (xbox, one), nauji, žaidimai electronic, arts, black friday

UFC 3 (Xbox One)


EA SPORTS™ UFC® 3 revolutionises fighting movement with Real Player Motion Tech, a new gameplay animation technology that delivers the most fluid and responsive motion ever. Every punch, kick, block, and counter has been recaptured and rebuilt on cu..

rally, (xbox, one), nauji, žaidimai

V Rally (Xbox One)


The return of a legendary off-road racing game! Enjoy an extreme experience while becoming an expert in a demanding simulation. Take on the challenges of rallies, rallycross, drifts, buggies and hill climbs, and set off on a spectacular journey acros..

sports, racing valentino, rossi:, the, game, (xbox, one), nauji, žaidimai milestone, intergalaktinis

Valentino Rossi: The Game (Xbox One)


A Unique videogame entirely dedicated to the career of Valentino Rossi! The 9 times World Champion will bring you in his world and through the different classes of the 2016 MotoGPTM Season! Riders 90+ Riders all offical Roster from 2016: Mot..

strategy, kids valhalla, hills, definitive, edition, (xbox, one), nauji, žaidimai kalypso, media, pavasaris

Valhalla Hills - Definitive Edition (Xbo...


Valhalla Hills Definitive Edition Includes: DLC “Sand of the Damned” and “Fire Mountains”, as well as a new exclusive map type - The Dwarf Cave. In Valhalla Hills – Definitive Edition, you are Leko – youngest son of Odin, exiled to Midgard by your fa..

valkyria, chronicles, (xbox, one), nauji, žaidimai, gameon

Valkyria Chronicles 4 (Xbox One)


A CONTINENT ENGULFED IN THE BITTER FLAMES OF WAR! Valkyria Chronicles 4 takes place in the same timeframe as the original Valkyria Chronicles, but focuses on Squad E of the Federation. Commander Claude Wallace and his childhood friends set out to fi..

valkyria, revolution, (xbox, one), nauji, žaidimai, intergalaktinis, gameon

Valkyria Revolution (Xbox One)


A Story About War and Liberation: Taking place in an alternate world based on the European era of industrialization, players will band together with Jutland's elite soldiers, the Vanargand, as they fight against the merciless Ruzi Empire. However, ..

action, rpg, fantasy, single player, multiplayer, co-op vikings:, wolves, midgard, special, edition, (xbox, one), nauji, žaidimai kalypso, media, pavasaris, vasara

Vikings: Wolves of Midgard - Special Edi...


Vikings: Wolves of Midgard - Special Edition includes: Large-Sized Poster Digital Soundtrack Digital Artbook Fear the wolves. They are cold, they are hungry - and they will stop at nothing to survive… Ragnarok. Legend has it that when the cold..

action, indie, rpg, warhammer, 40k, inquisitor, martyr, imperium, edition, (ps4), greitai, prekyboje (xbox, one) nauji, žaidimai, big, ben, vasara

Warhammer 40K Inquisitor Martyr (Xbox On...


Enter a grim and secret war among the stars as the agents of the ever-vigilant Inquisition in this action RPG set in the Warhammer 40K universe. The first Action-RPG game taking place in the immensely popular universe of Warhammer 40,000 An open ..

wasteland, directors, cut, (xbox, one), nauji, žaidimai

Wasteland 2 Directors Cut (Xbox One)


Wasteland 2 is a strategy Role Playing Game that immerses the player in tactical turn-based combat, RPG-style character advancement and customization, and deep choices that affect the narrative and memorable cast of characters. Wasteland 2 is the di..

action, open-world, adventure, single-player, multiplayer, sci-fi, co-op, spring sale watch, dogs, (xbox, one), vasara nauji, žaidimai, ubisoft

Watch Dogs 2 (Xbox One)


Play as Marcus Holloway, a brilliant young hacker living in the birthplace of the tech revolution, the San Francisco Bay Area. Team up with Dedsec, a notorious group of hackers, to execute the biggest hack in history; take down ctOS 2.0, an invasive..

action, adventure, indie happy, few, (xbox, one), greitai, prekyboje gearbox, publishing

We Happy Few (Xbox One)


We Happy Few is the tale of a plucky bunch of moderately terrible people trying to escape from a lifetime of cheerful denial in the city of Wellington Wells. In this alternative 1960s England, conformity is key. You'll have to fight or blend in with..

action, fps, wolfenstein, spring sale the, new, colossus, (xbox, one), nauji, žaidimai, summer sale bethesda, intergalaktinis, vasara

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus (Xbox On...


America, 1961. Your assassination of Nazi General Deathshead was a short-lived victory. Despite the setback, the Nazis maintain their stranglehold on the world. You are BJ Blazkowicz, aka “Terror-Billy,” member of the Resistance, scourge of the Nazi ..

wolfenstein, youngblood, (xbox, one), greitai, prekyboje, bethesda

Wolfenstein 2: Youngblood (Xbox One)


Wolfenstein Youngblood is a brand-new co-op experience from MachineGames, the award-winning studio that developed the critically acclaimed Wolfenstein II The New Colossus. Set in 1980, 19 years after BJ Blazkowicz ignited the second American Revolut..

action, shooter, spring sale wolfenstein:, the, new, order, old, blood, double, pack, (xbox, one), nauji, žaidimai, summer sale bethesda

Wolfenstein: The New Order & Wolfens...


Wolfenstein: The Two Pack, cinematic and rendered in stunning detail with id Software’s id Tech 5 engine, gives players two thrilling campaigns. Now you can get both critically acclaimed first-person shooters, Wolfenstein: The New Order and Wolfenste..

Rodoma nuo 337 iki 352 iš 366 (23 puslapių)