Gran Turismo: Sport (PS4)


REAL CARS The latest road vehicles from around the world modelled to unprecedented precision in Gran Turismo history. You might think that from its name that Gran Turismo Sport is dedicated to competition models, but there are plenty of exciting pro..

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The latest road vehicles from around the world modelled to unprecedented precision in Gran Turismo history. You might think that from its name that Gran Turismo Sport is dedicated to competition models, but there are plenty of exciting production vehicles in the mix to cater to all driving enthusiasts. Each vehicle has been recreated in remarkable detail, from the internal structure of the headlights to the gaps between the body panels and the stitching of the seats. We have strived to instil the passion of the car designers themselves who brought these cars to life from the sketch pad. The full lineup consists of 140 vehicles, including original cars.


An Enthusiast’s Dream with a touch of fantasy: original models only found in Gran Turismo. Co-starring race cars active in the real world of motorsports together with dream model GT3s for fans who wanted to see a GT3 version of their favourite cars. Experience it first-hand!

Vision Gran Turismo

“Vision Gran Turismo” allowed the world’s auto makers to design their fantasy machines and bring them to life in the virtual world of Gran Tursimo 6. This project will continue in Gran Turismo Sport. In addition to new upcoming cars, current Vision Gran Turismo vehicles—from companies such as Bugatti, Peugeot and Volkswagen— will be tuned so they can compete in the races in Gran Turismo Sport.


A variety of new tracks, including the “Tokyo Expressway,” will debut in GT Sport. In addition to the ever-popular Nürburgring Nordschleife (North Loop), there are a number of new tracks appearing for the first time in the Gran Turismo series. These include the legendary “Tokyo Expressway"

This highly-anticipated track, made in the image of Tokyo’s urban Expressway, recreates the looped central highway that was built during the economic growth of Japan. It weaves through skyscrapers and is bordered by tall concrete walls on both sides. There are plenty of elevation changes, and the driving environment can change from light to dark in an instant, thanks to the course’s variety of tunnels. If you like challenging drives, then this track is for you.

Northern Isle Speedway - The half-mile short oval (approx. 900 metres) is popular in American motorsports, and it appears for the first time in Gran Turismo. The width of the track is 16 metres wide and has banks set at a 31-degree angle, which provides for exciting racing, allowing cars to go two or three wide at a time.

Dirt Track - From the Rocky Mountains to the Mexican border, the Dirt Track treats you to the beauty of America’s Midwest. The path winds its way through cactus fields and desert shrubbery, over sand and rocks. Also, with a number of elevation changes throughout the long track and the slick driving surface, it’s sure to represent a fun challenge for even the serious off-roader.


Everyone starts as a beginner in “Sport Mode”: enjoyment that suits everyone. It’s one thing to be number one in the world, but quite another to do it with the pressures of representing your country. Do you have what it takes? Or how about driving for your favourite manufacturer? You can test your resolve in two championships officially certified by the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile), where you’ll need more than just driving skill to be successful.


Enjoy spectating in “Gran Turismo Live”. The official races of “Sport Mode” where top players from around the world will compete, are hosted on weekends in a match that will be broadcast live. TV quality Live cameras and live commentary, now in a video game.


Feel the Light in the Graphics. Equipped with Polyphony Digital’s own rendering engine and game engine, you can feel realistic “light”, and the expression of detail has advanced greatly.

Car Modelling - The game and rendering engines from the original Gran Turismo have evolved to another level, one that will allow the user to “l the rich lighting” of the graphics. If you study the car modelling carefully, you’ll notice that Gran Turismo’s quality goes so far as to measure the brightness of the car’s lights. We’ve also analysed the paint layer structure with samples of real body paint to get the right hues, and even recreate the stitching of the fabric in the seats, all in order to reproduce the true character of a car.


Huge strides have also been made in landscape expressions. See each and every leaf on a tree as it sways in the wind. Weather, time and the age of the tree are considered when reproducing it in the game, right down to its bark. Even the asphalt possesses unique characters, regarding its size, grain and distribution of the asphalt surface. Thanks to advanced data capturing and the perceptional talents of the artists, Gran Turismo approaches landscape reproduction from every aspect.

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