Payment is the best thing for me, as a seller and the worst thing for the buyer. Payment in internet shops is natural thing and when you find out my prices, the payment can become a small celebration. Yes, the small, because the real party starts when you get the game and hold it in your hands.

There are a few ways to pay for the games in my shop.

  • OPAY. If you are living in Lithuania or any other Baltic country (Latvia, Estonia) I believe that the best and most suitable way to pay for the goods is Opay. This thing helps me to collect money from local regions and buyers can pay using natural ways: debit cards, pay in supermarkets and so on. Just select which way is the most suitable for you in the last step of check-out.
  • The second and the last payment method so far is PayPal. I believe, that no one needs more information about this platform. So, just click “Pay by PayPal” in the last step of check-out and Voilà! 

I don’t take the responsibility of the bank work. I will send the game once I get money into my account. And the statements like “I payed, send the game” will not work with me. As Winnie the Pooh said – “No money – no honey”.

If you have more questions don’t hesitate and ask me. I will try to answer everything which is related with my shop!