In the website you can check what delivery method you want to take. One of them is OMNIVA parcel machines. This delivery method can be checked if you are from Baltic country (Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania) since OMNIVA company does not delivery packages to another countries. According to OMNIVA declaration, parcels reach customer within 24 hours.

The price for this delivery method is 2,00 €.

You can check if there is a OMNIVA parcel machine in your city here:

Physical packages can be sent via Lithuanian post. All games or accessories will be sent as priority package for this reason the goods will reach you faster. From the practical side delivery time in Lithuania is 1-2 days. Delivery time depends the country where I am sending. After the dispatch I will provide tracking number which you can use to track your goods.

Delivery price depends on country where are you living, but it doesn’t matter how much it weight.

If you are buying CD-KEY, the code will be sent via e-mail you provided in the order. These codes will not be sent as physical package unless you choose other delivery method and pay for it.