About Gamedeal.lt

Gamedeal.lt originally was created as computer games news, reviews, previews website in 2011. And it was working for 2 years with passionate and active team. But, this website was not commercially and the passion of writing and reviewing games diminished. For like 2 years the website was floundering in the graveyard of websites, but I haven’t closed it. I knew, that one day Gamedeal.lt will arise as Fenix with something new.

From 2010 I was selling computer games individually. Mostly CD-KEYS for PC games. I really liked the conversations with customers, I tried to help them as much as I can. When Gamedeal.lt stopped reviewing and posting news and the last press member asked me to leave Gamedeal.lt, I started to think how the new website should look like. 2 years passed and I was completely sure what I want and I knew what to do. I have created a website by my hands from zero and opened a web store for Xbox One games. The first version of the website was not as good as I wanted, but everything was running smooth and I have started to collect money from the shop. First order was placed in the first day when I opened a shop and when I understood, that it is just a beginning of long Gamedeal.lt lasting journey.

I believe that I can merge the hobby of talking with new people and thoroughness to make this webstore ambient place in wild internet area. Everyone who buys here believes in me, believes that one man can start business from nothing, believes the future of Gamedeal.lt